Dear Halloween Fans,

Please note upon arrival:

  • Bags and backpacks bigger in size than 2 litres of volume (~ two milk cartons) are not allowed. Any larger bags need to remain in the vehicle.
  • All visitors with bags or backpacks larger than two litres of volume will not be able to enter the shuttle buses.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle.


Please also note that the following items are not allowed:

Bottles, cans, hairspray, umbrellas, spray cans, knives and other weapons and dangerously sharp costume pieces.


Thank you for your understanding.

Terms and conditions - Halloween Burg Frankenstein

  • Neither rain nor snow would be able to tame our monsters! Halloween is an open air event. Bad weather does not warrant a right of refund. The drinks and snack bars are wind and weatherproof.
  • In case of severe weather warnings the organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Halloween party for safety reasons.
    In this case of “force majeure” purchased tickets are not refundable. However, if a surplus can be achieved for this reason, these shares will be paid to the ticket holders.
  • Bottles, cans, perfume bottles, umbrella, flashlight, spray cans, knives, pistols and other potentially dangerous items and weapons and costume items such as swords and spiked collars are NOT allowed inside and must be stored in the courtyard for security reasons.
  • Bags and backpacks will be checked for such items. Prohibited items may be stored for a fee of € 1.00 at the entrance. The organizer is not liable for the loss or damage of deposited itemsPeople under influence that present danger to themselves or others may be excluded from using the shuttle bus as well as from entering the event.
    Entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Lost and found items will be stored at the souvenir shop at the kiosk in the courtyard, where they can be reclaimed. After the event you may contact us to reclaim lost items. 
  • If there are no more tickets available at the box office, the access to the parking lot will be blocked. The sign “sold out” tells you that no more cards are available. Guests with a valid ticket or reservation confirmation will be allowed to enter the parking lot.
    Groups of people who are missing tickets for some of them will be able to receive tickets at the box office. For these cases, a small stock of remaining tickets will be retained

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