Dear Halloween Fans,

Please note upon arrival:

  • Bags and backpacks bigger in size than 2 litres of volume (~ two milk cartons) are not allowed. Any larger bags need to remain in the vehicle.
  • All visitors with bags or backpacks larger than two litres of volume will not be able to enter the shuttle buses.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle.


Please also note that the following items are not allowed:

Bottles, cans, hairspray, umbrellas, spray cans, knives and other weapons and dangerously sharp costume pieces.


Thank you for your understanding.

SOS – I really need another ticket!

My girlfriend wants to come along, can I get a ticket?

For these kind of emergencies we offer some cards at the castle entry.

If the signs “Ausverkauft (sold out)” stand at the P+R parking lot in Pfungstadt, vehicles are allowed to park only if the occupants have at least one valid ticket.

In all other cases you should know:

  • Every Friday and Saturday we play the same program.
    This also applies to the Family Sundays.
    So maybe you can come at another festival day.
  • Come visit at the first Halloween weekend:
    The monsters arrive fresh from the training camp and it’s not so crowded and packed,
    while there is already a joyful, expectant Halloween mood.


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