Dear Halloween Fans,

Please note upon arrival:

  • Bags and backpacks bigger in size than 2 litres of volume (~ two milk cartons) are not allowed. Any larger bags need to remain in the vehicle.
  • All visitors with bags or backpacks larger than two litres of volume will not be able to enter the shuttle buses.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle.


Please also note that the following items are not allowed:

Bottles, cans, hairspray, umbrellas, spray cans, knives and other weapons and dangerously sharp costume pieces.


Thank you for your understanding.

Lost something?

Here we list all the things that have been left behind by our guests.
Check back later in case you miss an item that is not yet listed here.

We will be glad to be of help in returning lost items to their respective and relieved owners.

Found items:

  • a wodden sword
  • a key chain with 3 keys

Thanks to our sponsors: