Dear Halloween Fans,

Please note upon arrival:

  • Bags and backpacks bigger in size than 2 litres of volume (~ two milk cartons) are not allowed. Any larger bags need to remain in the vehicle.
  • All visitors with bags or backpacks larger than two litres of volume will not be able to enter the shuttle buses.
  • Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle.


Please also note that the following items are not allowed:

Bottles, cans, hairspray, umbrellas, spray cans, knives and other weapons and dangerously sharp costume pieces.


Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently asked questions

1. What items are prohibited?

Bottles, cans, perfume bottles, umbrella, flashlight, spray cans, knives, pistols and other potentially dangerous items and weapons and costume items such as swords and spiked collars must be stored in the courtyard for security reasons.

2. Do i have to wait in the queue if i have a ticket already?

Yes, instant entry is only reserved for visitors with VIP tickets.
But we were able to reduce the waiting time at the entrance to an acceptable level.

If you happen to arrive amid several full buses there may still be ocassional queues at the entrance. Since we are not able to foresee our visitors arrival times, we ask for your understanding. Please be aware that the security checks at the entrance have proven effective in maximizing both, the security of our visitors as well as our monsters.

3. Can i buy tickets at the box office?

Remaining tickets will be sold at the box office on the path to the castle. The friendly helpers at the car park will be able to tell you if tickets are still available.

4. What is included in the ticket prize?

All shows and attractions that take place in the castle, as well as parking and the shuttle bus transfer to the castle and back to the parking lot.
Food and beverages are not included in the ticket price.
In the courtyard you will find several dining and beverage outlets, where you are welcome to eat inexpensive and plentiful. The Monster Bar awaits with mulled wine and eerily themed cocktails.

5. Are there discounts available?

Yes, the following discounts are available:
Families and children:
On every Sunday children only pay € 9.00 – also, at Sundays adults also only pay the children’s price of € 9.00.

Children under six years have free admission on Sundays. Please note that the Halloween event is not suited for this age group, and infants have to remain in the monster-free area. As a precaution, our security personnel is advised to deny entry to the monster area for small children.

Wheelchair users, people with Down Symptom, deaf, as well as blind visitors and their accompanying persons are permitted free admission on all days. There is no need to buy a ticket.
Social and disabled facilities, urban youth development, students, apprentices and students receive discounted tickets at Friday 21 and Saturday 22 of October.

The discounted tickets will only be available online. Look out for them on this website starting from October 30. Please bring along appropriate proof for your discounted admission fees and be prepared to show it along with your ticket.

6. How do I get to Burg Frankenstein? Directions

During the Halloween event parking directly at the castle is not possible. Please use the P+R shuttle service at Pfungstadt, Mainstraße.


7. How long does the bus transfer from the parking lot to to Burg Frankenstein take?

About ten minutes.

8. There seem to be cars parked directly at the castle's parking lot. Is it possible for me to park there as well?

No. These vehicles belong to the people who organize the Halloween party, they include: 77 monsters inside the castle, the actors on stage, 5x props / wardrobe, makeup, technology, security service, parking service and fencing, kitchen and service personell, outdoor catering and cleaning. Altogether about 150 people. Additionally there is the team from ASB and the fire department with their service vehicles.

9. Is this event suitable for children?

Only at the Family Days every Sunday, when the monsters are a little bit tamer.

Children should be aged 7 or older and be able to deal with spooky experiences in a playful and curious manner. Accompanying parents are advised to explain what their children will encounter and how to deal with the situation. This way a thrilling and joyful Halloween awaits.

Especially the spooky fairy tale performances from Mitternachtstraum will be enjoyed by the kids with great enthusiasm.

For children there are special stage performances, every Sundays from 3PM until 6PM. All other Halloween dates are not suitable for children. (see below)
Psychologists found that:
„Die Erfahrung von Angst und deren Bewältigung fördert die Entwicklung der Kinder.“
(“The experience of anxiety and its management promotes the development of children.”)


10. Law for the protection of the youth at Halloween

Extract from Protection of Young Persons Act Published on July 23, 2002

§ 1 Definitions
(1) The following definitions shall apply by letter and spirit of this Act:
1. Children are persons below the age of 14 years.
2. Adolescents are persons as of 14 but below the age of 18 years.
3. A Custodial Person is an individual who is personally or together with another individual
responsible for care and custody of other persons according to the legal provisions of the
(German) Civil Code [BGB].
4. Person with Parental Power describes the status of any person above the age of 18
who is permanently or for a defined period of time or in the context of school or
vocational training or under a youth welfare scheme in charge of educational duties for
a child or adolescent on the basis of an agreement with the Custodial Person.

Chapter 2: Protection of young persons in the public

§ 4 Restaurants
1. Children and Adolescents below the age of 16 years shall not be present in a restaurant
unless they are accompanied by a Custodial Person or a Person with Parental Power or for
one meal or drink between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. Adolescents as of the age of 16 years shall
not be present in a restaurant between midnight and 5 a.m. unless they are accompanied
by a Custodial Person or a Person with Parental Power.

2. Sub-Clause 1 shall not apply to Children or Adolescents who are traveling or who attend
an event sponsored by a youth welfare body.
3. Children and Adolescents must not be permitted to be present in restaurants of night
club nature or in comparable entertainment establishments.

4. Exceptional permits regarding Sub-Clause 1 may be granted by the applicable authority.

To be precise, this means for the Halloween party:

Children under the age of 14 without a custodial person are allowed until 7PM.
Children under the age of 14 accompanied by a custodial person are allowed until midnight.

Adolescents under the age of 16 years without a custodial person are not permitted.
Adolescents under the age of 16 years with a custodial person are permitted to stay until midnight.
Adolescents above and including the age of 16 years without a custodial person are permitted to stay until midnight.
However, we note that the evening program is not suitable for children under 14 years. Therefore, children under 14 will not be admitted to the monster area.

For the younger guests, we recommend the family day on Sundays.
On Sundays, the creepiness will still be sufficient even for the bigger kids as soon as the dusk falls.

Halloween at Burg Frankenstein is not for children who haven’t heard about monsters and witches before, and have not been introduced these things by their parents beforehand. Please take your children’s fears seriously and always talk to them about it.

11. Do children have to pay for tickets?

Children of the age of 7 and older have to pay.

12. Care takers for children? Lost children?

Please contact the ASB at the entrance of the castle restaurant.
Lost children are looked after by the friendly helpers of the ASB Darmstadt-Eberstadt until their care takers pick them up.

You can help with a donation for the baby ambulance that the ASB is able to operate in Darmstadt due to donations.

13. Is there a halloween dress code?

Costumes are not a requirement, but recent years have shown that more and more people show up with imaginatively designed dresses, be it spooky or hilarious.
However, we point out that for safety reasons parts of costumes which can lead to injuries in the crowd, like swords, spiked collars, knifes, guns, a.s.o are NOT allowed to be taken into the courtyard.

14. In case it is raining, does Halloween still take place?

Neither rain nor snow would be able to tame our monsters! The drinks and snack bars are wind and weatherproof.
In case of severe weather warnings the organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Halloween party for safety reasons.
In this case of “force majeure” purchased tickets are not refundable. However, if a surplus can be achieved for this reason, these shares will be paid to the ticket holders.

15. What should i wear?

Net nylons, high heels and tight tops will surely look great – but facing 1000-year-old cobblestones, a stony castle ditch, muddy swamps and a harsh east wind, we would rather recommend high laced boots, alpine fit, hand-knitted leggings, angora under- and waterproof outerwear.

16. Can i bring along my dog/pet?

No. Dogs and other animals may not attend the festival in the castle (bats excluded). This is in the best interest for the other visitors as well as the animals themselves.

17. Can I take pictures?

Yes, you are welcome to take pictures of yourself and our monsters.

18. Meeting point

In front of the restaurant entry at the ASB-Station.

19. Kiosk / Halloween-Shop / Lost&Found

Here you can again pick up lost-and-found items.
Also, this is where you can purchase a souvenir.

20. How long is the castle opened?

The last bus leaves at all evening performances at 01:00 clock back to the car park.

Every Sunday the last bus leaves at 19:00 clock.

Afterwards the castle gate is closed.

Having said all that:
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We wish you a cheerfully frightening, and exceptionally spooky time at Burg Frankenstein. As always, our monsters will be giving their best.

Thanks to our sponsors: